4.0 iOS Reader App Bug Fixes, as of Sept 26

The following bug fixes have been implemented between Sept 19 and Sept 26 for the 4.0 reader app. If your app exhibits any of these bugs, you can rebuild your app and submit an update. 

  • Orientation lock on iPad TOC is ignored.
  • Fixed a potential crash when using invisible HTML blocks.
  • Fix for auto playing media that could start too early.
  • Correctly open links marked as open externally directly in Safari.
  • Fix for stopping audio when issue is closed abruptly.
  • Fix for opening URL's with percentage symbol in URL.
  • A layer follows B layer for jump links, even when A layer is visible.
  • Fix for layout of A-layer with hang and modal popups.
  • Fixed layering of inline popups on tower layer.
  • Fixed an issue where auto starting media on slide 1 would continue playing when opening the issue to another vertical when restarting the app.
  • External accessories for controlling audio works also when Playlist is visible and app backgrounded.
  • Fixed a potential crash when trying to jump to a non-existing block ID on the (A) Tower layer.
  • Fixed an error where assets files with non-Latin alphabet characters may not be found.
  • Store is not cleared when offline, instead Buy button is disabled.
  • Display thumbnail for detail view of issue if available even if offline.
  • Only a single error message on app start if network access fails.
  • Fixes to Bookmark migration fro older apps.
  • Changed "Missing issues?" resulting text to be more generic.
  • Fixed migration of purchased issues and subscriptions when migrating from older app.
  • Added a blocking view while doing a restore all.
  • Fix for updating Library after a restore
  • Fix to a potential crash after purchasing an issue.
  • Fix to installable links generated from Publish.
  • Fix for images uploaded to Publish that could be missing when building apps.
The following bug fixes were addressed between Sept 5 and Sept 19:
  • Fixed a visual glitch when opening a Moview to fullscreen.
  • Layout changes that previously could cause 128px to be clipped at the top after rotations.
  • Try to parse title of issue from issue.xml, if not found, it does not display title in top bar on iPad.
  • The scrubber bar position is reset when it is hidden.
  • Allow hidden link areas to be interactive for legacy MIB files.
  • Playlist slider correctly enabled/disabled on second open.
  • Uses iOS 6 sharing when supported.
  • Added support for letter boxing iPhone 3:4 MIB files on 9:16 screens.
  • Added support for linking to iTunes content with the internal://itunes/... schema.
  • Fixed a network issue where network can be reported as unavailable on a 3G iPad with WiFi on.
  • Device's screen size sent to Publish.
  • Fixed issue with control images for playing media.
  • Fix to Delete All in reviewer library.
  • Layout fix for snapping on a Slide without any blocks.
  • Fixed a potential crash when navigating to a vertical many screens away.


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