Sept 25: Reviewer Update: 4.0.1

On Sept 25, 2012, we released a minor update to the Mag+ Reviewer to address small bugs that have arisen since the 4.0 launch:

  • Fixed a visual glitch when opening a Moview to fullscreen.
  • Layout changes that previously could cause 128px to be clipped at the top after rotations.
  • Try to parse title property from issue.xml, if not found do not display title in top bar on iPad.
  • The scrubber bar position is reset when it is hidden.
  • Allow hidden link areas to be interactive for legacy MIB files.
  • Playlist slider correctly enabled/disabled on second open.
  • Uses iOS 6 sharing when supported.
  • Added support for letter boxing iPhone 3:4 MIB files on 9:16 screens.
  • Added support for linking to iTunes content wight he internal://itunes/... schema.
  • Fixed a network issue where network can be reported as unavailable on a 3G iPad with WiFi on.
  • User agent included device's screen size.
  • Control images for playing media.
  • Fix to Delete all in reviewer library.
  • Layout fix for snapping on a Slide without any blocks.
  • Fixed a potential crash when navigating to a vertical many screens away.


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