Release 3.5

Released: 2012-07-05
In this upgrade, you'll find a really cool new feature in the plug-in we call multi-device export, an super simple way to produce layouts for several devices at once, no matter which version of InDesign you're using. We've also made some minor tweaks to Publish to improve performance and UI and expanded our Android capabilities. Here's what's new in this release:

InDesign Plug-in

  • Multiple panels: To help you clean up your workspace a bit, we've now broken the main plug-in window into two panels: Object, for all things you change on an object level, such as reference ID, block type and Add Link/Movie/Audio; and Vertical, for all the vertical related settings, including ID, Issue Folder, Orientation and Review/Export. Read more about the plugin here.
  • Multi-Device Export: With this function, found in an expandable menu at the bottom of the Vertical panel, you can now transfer the design you're working on to a number of different device templates at once. For each checked device, the system will create a new InDesign document using that device's template, and copy all the elements and settings on your current vertical to it, either at the same size or scaled for the new template. You can also use this box to go one step further and have the plug-in export that new layout to an issue folder, or you can go in and tweak that new design and then export. Even if you're only producing for iPad and iPad Retina, this now shortens that workflow, making exporting for both devices a one-click operation. Read more about multi-device export here.
  • PDF Block type - It is now possible to select objects in your layout to be exported as PDFs. Read more in this article.


  • Better Analytics: We've expanded our analytics capabilities for Localytics to take advantage of upcoming changes in its platform, which will enable you to get more metrics, better organized, including time spent per session, vertical and issue. In addition, we've updated our Omniture integration to include the latest changes from Omniture, though this will not change the captured analytics. Read more about analytics here.
  • iPhone templates and reviewer: You'll see templates for our coming iPhone app included in your 3.5 download and our iPhone reviewer app will be available soon in iTunes.


  • Full-screen support: You can now build full-screen MIBs for the most common sizes of Android 7-inch (1024x600) and Android 10-inch (1280x800) tablets. 
  • More iOS features: The Android app now supports all creative functions found in the iOS app, including pop-ups, and many of the app features, including playlist and sharing. Read about the remaining differences here.


  • More app-build support: You can now build apps for Kindle Fire app through Publish, and the Android build will work on both 10- and 7-inch devices. 
  • Build status: When building an app, you'll now get a message when the build has succeeded or failed
  • Faster performance: We've made a number of small changes behind the scenes to make Publish overall faster and more reliable
  • Minor UI changes: We have moved settings that apply specifically to the Android or iOS apps to the respective app pages. 
Stay tuned for our big 4.0 release at the end of the summer!


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