Release 3.1

Released: 2012-02-15

New Features

iPad App

  • Navigation will disappear after three seconds if not acted on
  • Settings icon is changed to an Info icon
  • Contents button disappears if no custom designed Table of Contents is present
  • A user can now bring up the navigation on locked-orientation vertical without turning the device, so the device won’t feel “frozen”
  • Users can download an issue over a cellular data connection if their plan allows it; a warning box will alert them that the file could be large.
  • More vertical-specific analytics captured in Flurry and Localytics: time spent, depth read, layers toggled, percent video watched; percent video watched added in Omniture as well
  • Progress indication for MIB processing
  • An enhanced downloading process for Go!- applications

Android App

  • Supports 1024×768 iPad MIB, but will now center on device with black bars on the side
  • Dual-orientation support
  • Use of standard Android menu controls
  • Ability to customize language in menu and notifications
  • A-layer only now supported
  • Ability to create Android-specific Help issue
  • Can build Android app without a store
  • Can play embedded YouTube clips
  • Can download issue over mobile cellular networks

Mag+ Plug-in

  • Ability to create pop-ups. You can now create hotspots that trigger elements to appear and disappear with a tap. Pop-up elements can contain any content, including HTML. Pop-ups can be placed on the B, B-pinned and A-layer, and be standard or modal. See this article for more on how to use this function.
  • HTML boxes can now display an image when the device is offline.
  • The vertical file size is now shown in the lower-left corner of the plug-in window in megabytes.
  • It’s now possible to create weblinks in HTML objects that are shown in the embedded web view – A “href” link in any webview that starts with “openwindow-” will open the link in a new window/webview. Example: <a href=”openwindow-”>Mag+</a>
  • The Mag+ actions Export, Fast Review, and Full Review are now scriptable.

Mag+ Production Tool

  • Issue MIB size now visible in Production tool in megabytes.

Mag+ Publish

  • Ability to send specific MIBs to Android and iOS
  • Signing into any area in—home site, Feature Builder or Publish—automatically signs you into the other parts
  • For Subscription API users, the ability to specify a Mag+ issue ID to match fulfillment house IDs

Upgrading Your Apps to 3.1

To take advantage of the new features in 3.1, including pop-ups, you will have to update your iPad app. Simply log into Publish, click on Apps, and click Generate New Build. The binary you get back can be submitted to Apple as an app update. No other actions in Publish are necessary. Note that a 3.1 app will read earlier MIB versions, but an earlier app version will not read 3.1 MIBs.

Remaining Android limitations over the iOS app

* Analytics – different analytics integrations are not yet implemented
* Playlist – Playlist option not available
* Popups – are not yet supported


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