Android bugfixes

Our Android developers have been doing several enhancements to the Android app lately and fixed some evil bugs. The major ones are listed here:

  • Portrait/landscape lock mib - When the issue is locked to an orientation the verticals could sometimes be shown out of place on the device, this is now fixed!
  • Jump links - Linking to objects within the same vertical now works properly
  • First time click problems at startup - When the app was started for the first time there were some areas that wasn't tappable. This is now fixed!

The Android app is now even more awesome then what it was before!

Try it out, go to and click on the APPS tab, then click "Android". This is where you build your Android app, you can get your app on Android market in an hour. Just follow the Android instructions.Here is all the information you need:

If you have any questions, let us know in our forum!


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