Mag+ Reviewers for Android & Kindle Fire Devices

On this page you'll find the APKs (application package files) for the Mag+ Reviewer for Android & Kindle Fire devices.

Latest Version

Note: You can always download the latest versions of the Android and Kindle Fire Reviewers on the Google Play and Amazon App Store, respectively.

Google Play

Amazon App Store

Previous Versions

Note: Amazon's Kindle Fire uses Android APKs. For version 5.x and above, you may download the same Mag+ Android Reviewer APK for both Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Version: 5.5

Version: 5.3.2

Version: 5.3.0

Version: 5.2.3

Version: 5.2.2

Version: 5.2

Version: 5.1.6

Version: 5.1.5

Version: 5.1.4

Version: 5.1.3

Version: 5.1.2

Version: 5.1.1

Version: 5.1.0

Version: 5.0.5

Version: 5.0.4

Version: 5.0.0


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