Android/Kindle Fire Crash with Featured Content on Mag+ 5.2

UPDATE: Version 5.2.1 of the Android/Kindle Fire app has been released and fixes the problem with crashes associated with Featured Content. You will need to rebuild your app and submit an update to Google Play and/or the Amazon Marketplace to fix the issue for your end-users. Once you have submitted the update, you may re-enable Featured Content.


A problem has been discovered with Featured Content in version 5.2 of the Mag+ Android/Kindle apps.

Featured Content is an optional space in the Issues view of your app where you can promote a particular piece of content or a subscription package. In the Featured Content area, a carousel is displayed that shows large preview images, a title, space for descriptive text, and buttons to buy/download the content or buy a subscription.


A Mag+ Issue highlighted in the Featured Content space of a 5.2 Android/Kindle Fire app causes a crash if the end-user presses the "Download," "Read Now" or "Purchase" buttons. If a user presses those buttons on the same Issue in the Issue Grid space, a crash also occurs.


Set Featured Content Type to "None" in the Mag+ Publish portal. Once disabled, the Issue will work properly in the Issue Grid of the app. For detailed instructions, please read the article "General - Adding Featured Content to Apps."

Note: Featured Content is a live feature, so you do not need to rebuild your app to make this adjustment.

Mag+ is currently working on a fix for this bug and will announce a new version that addresses it when it is released.


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