Xcode 6 and iOS Simulator Compatibility

Update (11/7/2014): Mag+ has released a new version of the Mag+ Reviewer for iOS Simulator. The app has been renamed "Reviewer Launcher" and allows customers to choose the device and version of iOS prior to launching the Mag+ Reviewer. For more information, and to download the software, please refer to the article "Mag+ Reviewer for iOS Simulator."


Original Announcement:

Due to changes in Xcode 6, the current version of the Mag+ iOS Reviewer App for the Xcode 6 iOS simulator is not available. Mag+ will issue a new version that is compatible with the iOS simulator in the near future.

You can remain on Xcode 5 and use older versions of the Mag+ Reviewer App for the iOS Simulator for testing. You can find these builds in the article “Mag+ Reviewer for iOS Simulator.  More information on backing up your version of Xcode or reinstalling an older version is listed below.

Making a Backup Copy of Xcode 5

If you have not yet upgraded to Xcode 6 but will need to in the near future, you can always compress your existing Xcode 5 app or transfer it to a USB stick for safekeeping. You can then use this version for testing purposes.

How to Install Older Versions of Xcode

If you have already upgraded to Xcode 6, you can download older versions of Xcode from the iOS Dev Center. Note that this link requires you to have an iOS Developer license to access: Download Xcode 5.1.1

Other Options for Viewing Content

Please note that there are other options available that allow you to test your content on iOS devices:

  1. You can install the Reviewer app on an iOS device and push reviews from the Mag+ InDesign Plugin.
  2. You can install a test build of your app on an iOS device using the Ad Hoc binary included in every build from the Mag+ Publish portal.


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