Mag+ and iOS 8 Compatibility

Important Information

Updated: 9/22/2014

Mag+ has released version 5.1.9 of its iOS app which reinstates Banners and Featured Content. These features now run under iOS 8 without crashing. Any customers who released their apps using version 5.1.8 must rebuild and resubmit in order to display Banners and Featured Content again.  To read more about the 5.1.9 release, please refer to the article "Mag+ Publish Portal & Apps Release Notes".

Updated: 9/12/2014

As of September 11, 11AM EST, Mag+ released version 5.1.8 of its iOS app which brings compatibility for iOS 8. We strongly recommend all customers build and submit an update to your app ASAP. Any iOS apps built before September 2 will crash when run on iOS 8.

Note that the previous version (5.1.7) has one limitation on iOS 8 which causes apps using Banners and Featured Content to crash. If your app is version 5.1.7 built between September 2 through September 10, you will need to set Featured Content to “None” and remove all Banners in the Mag+ Publish portal in order for your app to work.

Apps of version 5.1.8 will not show Banners or Featured Content regardless of settings in Publish.

If a publisher chooses to rebuild and resubmit to Apple, a note should be included that states the app is being submitted for iOS 8 compatibility. This should result in the app receiving priority ranking for review.

Mag+ is currently working on a new version that reinstates Banners and Featured Content and will release it as soon as it passes our quality assurance tests. We will communicate more information in regards to Mag+ and iOS 8 as it becomes available and notify publishers through updates to this article, announcements in the Mag+ Publish portal, and through e-mail communications.

Updated: 9/11/2014

Mag+ received the iOS 8 final build from Apple and we are in the process of testing our code against it. We will make a more detailed announcement on Friday, September 12 to let you know when you can update your app to ensure iOS 8 compatibility. Stay tuned!

Updated: 9/8/2014

On September 2, 2014 we released a new version of the 5.x Mag+ iOS app that preemptively addressed potential crashing we discovered when testing the latest beta build of iOS 8. At that time, we advised that our customers rebuild their apps in preparation for iOS 8's final release (the date of which has still not been communicated by Apple, but is believed to be  mid- to end-of September).

Since then, the iOS 8 beta has revealed another issue we are currently investigating. While this issue may be fixed by Apple in the final developer release of iOS 8 (the “Golden Master”, or “GM”) prior to its public release, it is possible that Mag+ will need to create another update to address it. Therefore, at this time, we are advising that our customers do not update their apps solely in anticipation of iOS 8, but that they wait until we’ve made any necessary adjustments based on potential changes in the final iOS 8 developer release.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Once Apple releases the GM build of iOS 8 to developers, we will know for sure whether the issue has been fixed and will update you accordingly.

Mag+ is committed to preparing you as best we can — and with information as soon as we can — so that iOS 8 does not impact your end-users in any negative way.

If you have any specific questions on this matter, please feel free to submit a support ticket and we'll address it as quickly as possible.


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