Creating 4.4 iOS apps for internal distribution after the release of Mag+ 5.0

Mag+ has updated all Mag+ Publish accounts so that iOS apps, by default, are built as version 5.0. This article describes how to continue building iOS 4.4 apps for internal distribution.

Note: The iOS 4.4 app option is only available to those who build and distribute 4.4 apps internally. iOS 4.4 apps cannot be submitted to the Apple App Store. They will be rejected. 

If your 4.4 iOS app was rejected by the Apple App Store prior to the February 1, 2014 deadline and you need to build a 4.4 app, please read the article entitled "Advertising Identifier" Rejections from Apple.

For administrators who wish to continue building iOS 4.4 apps

If you manage apps for internal distribution and wish to continue building iOS 4.4 apps, please contact Mag+ support by following the instructions at the end of this article so that we may activate this feature on your Mag+ Publish account.

For administrators who will not build iOS 4.4 apps but only want to manage Banners in older apps

If you do not plan to build new iOS 4.4 apps but wish to simply manage Banners in them, you will need to contact Mag+ support to enable a new feature in Mag+ Publish under Apps->iOS->Promotional Content called 'Legacy Banners'.

How to contact Mag+ Support

  1. Visit the Mag+ Help site.
  2. If not logged in, click the "Login" link to enter your username and password.
  3. Use the "Submit a Request" link that appears in the top bar to fill out a request form.

If you have any additional questions, check out our user forum at


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