Migrating from Mag+ 4.x to 5.0

If you are a mag+ customer with a 4.X app and want to upgrade to 5.0, this article will serve as a quick guide to the things you need to know before building and submitting your update. As with any big update, there are some key differences in the new apps, so walking through the things below will help ensure a smooth transition.  

Changes in 5.0 that Require Action

  • Banners you have uploaded to your 4.X apps do not move automatically to 5.0. You will need to upload them again, and note that sizes of the banners have changed slightly. Read more about In-app Store Banners.
  • If you want to change banners in your 4.4 app (for those who have not upgraded to iOS7 and therefore cannot upgrade to 5.0), let us know and we'll activate a new option for you under your Apps tab called Legacy Banners. Changing banners in the regular Banners section will only affect your 5.0 app.
  • Since subscriptions can now be purchased through Banners, the Featured Issue space, and on every issue preview, subscriptions do not, by default, appear in the issue grid. If you want your subscriptions to appear in your app's issue grid, you must check a box in the Subscriptions tab called "Display in Issues Grid".
  • Required app icon sizes have changed, so you must upload new icons before you can build your app. Read more about building your app.
  • If you have customized icons in the bottom menubar of your 4.X app, note that you can no longer customize the full button in 5.0. You can only upload a new icon, and change the displayed text under Apps -> Customizations -> Applications Texts.
  • If you have customized the text strings in your 4.X app, you must redo those changes as 5.0 has a different strings file. You can find the new strings file in Apps -> Customizations -> Application Texts. Download the sample file, modify it and re-upload it, as you did before. Note that this will not affect your 4.X app.
Note: Android now uses a strings.xml file for application text customization. It is not the same file as is used for iOS, therefore you must customize it separately. The strings.xml file can be downloaded from the Mag+ Publish Portal under Apps -> Customizations -> Application Texts.


New Features Available in 5.0

Things to Note

  • Apps have different customization options in 5.0. Read more about building your app. 
  • Appboy Newsfeed and Feedback are now dedictaed buttons and fullscreen spaces. (Note that the Appboy Newsfeed content does not yet span the width of the screen, but will after our March 4th release.)
  • Setting an inclusive issue now triggers a popup, so this feature can be useful for free issues, too. Read more about inclusive issues.
  • If you used Amazon "App Identifiers" or "Certificates" different than those used for Google Play, you will need to contact us to reactivate a separate Amazon configuration. See the section below on "How to Contact Mag+."
  • If you see only one button for building an Android app, that one app can be submitted to both Google Play and Amazon. If you see two buttons (one to build for Google Play and one to build for Amazon) you will need to press both and submit the corresponding app to the appropriate marketplace.  You will only see two buttons if "Separate Amazon Configuration" has been reactivated for your brand (see above), and/or you have configured in-app billing for your Android app.

How to contact Mag+

  1. Visit the Mag+ Help section.
  2. If not logged in, click the "Login" link to enter your username and password.
  3. Use the "Submit a Request" link that appears in the top bar to fill out a request form.


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