4.3 'Auto-Play' Video Bug

4.3 iOS app builds and the 4.3 Reviewer app contain a bug that has caused the 'auto-play' video feature to not work properly. A fix is in the works and will be included in a future release.

We have come up with a temporary work-around for this bug.  

  1. In InDesign, rather than having your 'Media Area' frame set to 'auto-play', uncheck this option in the plugin. 
  2. Re-export the vertical. 
  3. For each vertical you export that contains an auto-play video, you will then need to open the "vertical.xml" file within your verticals folder, and then find the Block ID (Object ID) of your 'Clickable Area' hotspot. Under this ID section of the code you will find a line of code that will look something like this (it will contain different values).

<clickable_area x="-22" y="-22" height="179" width="264" url="media://m11714"/>

and you will want to add:


to your line of code so that the 'Clickable Area' hotspot activates the video file rather than the 'Media Area'. Your line of code will then look something like this (but with different values):

<clickable_area x="-22" y="-22" height="179" width="264" url="media://m11714" trigger="visible"/>

Then save the 'vertical.xml' file and do the same to any other vertical.xml file within your other verticals that contain an auto-play video. *Remember to remove 'auto-play' from the 'Media Area' blocks & re-export them before editing the 'vertical.xml' files.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will post an announcement in the "Releases and Patches" forum once an official fix has been released.


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