iOS 7 Known Issues

Recently, some of our clients have experienced or received end user support requests on the following iOS 7 issues. Here is a list of the known issues (which we will update, as necessary) and instruction on how your team can handle each.

1) After updating to iOS7, I no longer see my unpublished issue(s).

The device token we use to track who has access to unpublished issues can sometimes change during the update process. To fix this, you need to update the device token in publish. To find your device's token, see the instructions in this article:

2) Archived and new issues are not in the library after upgrading to iOS 7.

Depending on the update path taken by your end user, the device token may have changed. This will cause their entitlements to be missing upon launching the app after they update. Tapping the "Missing Issues?" button in the library will resolve this in many cases.

3) Archived and new issues are not in the library after an upgrade to iOS 7 and restoring via the "Missing Issues?" button does not work.

The behavior regarding how an app knows if it is offline or online has changed with iOS 7. The result is that "Missing Issues?" fails in certain circumstances. We have a 4.3.1 hotfix for this available on the Mag+ build server now (live as of 9/21). If your end users are experiencing this problem, we recommend you update your app to include this hotfix by generating a new version of your app on your Publish site and submitting an update on iTunes Connect (see link to instructions below). Until the new version of your app is live, you can suggest that any affected customers close the app completely using the multitasking bar, launch the app again, and then tap "Missing Issues?" once more in the library. This should help in most cases.

4) After upgrading to iOS7, users report that the app is crashing when entering an issue.

If you have already updated your app to 4.3, it is possible that your end user has not yet updated the app on their device from a previous version. Doing so and relaunching the app should resolve this for them.

If you have not yet updated your app to 4.3, we strongly recommend doing so immediately to ensure the best possible user experience for your customers. Instructions for updating your app can be found here:


Update 10/3/13:

After your users update their app to include the 4.3.1 fixes mentioned above, in some cases, after tapping the "Missing issues?" button, entitlements are not restored until the app is closed and restarted. Here are some steps you can pass along to any users that are affected:

1. After updating, tap the "Missing issues?" button and let the app complete the process
2. Force quit the app using these instructions
3. Restart the app and check for entitlements in the Library


Update 10/9/13:

An additional update has been made to the app build server this morning to further improve issue restoration post-iOS7 update. If your users have reported that they continue to have trouble restoring their issues after updating to 4.3.1 (#3 above) and performing steps the suggested on 10/3 (above), we recommend updating your app once more to include this most recent fix.


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