Upgrading to a 4.0 app

If you already have a Mag+ app built on a 3.x version, upgrading to the new 4.0 app is simple, but there are a few things you might want to customize differently because of the new UI changes. Also, you'll see that the Required Images section is incomplete, as there are a few different things in here now you'll need to upload.

First, to get an overview of what's customizable in the new app, download our guide to the new UI and the required and optional images, and color options here.

Here's the two UIs next to each other:

You'll see the biggest change is that we've separated the buttons that lead to the app's "spaces"—Library, Store, Now Reading, Help, Live and My Account—from those that trigger actions inside an issue—Playlist, Share, Bookmark, and Contents. The spaces are now on the bottom and the issue actions are on top.What you need to know before you upgrade:

  • Customizing icons: In the old app, you had to upload unique images for the "selected" state of the icons. Now the icons get a tinted highlight that's based on the Brand Accent Color, found under build options. You can also customize the "off" state of the icons there as well. Because of that, icon images are now just masks. You can still make completely custom icons, including your own on and off states, and fonts for the texts, by checking it in Build Option.
  • Check your Build Options! There are a few new things in here [see Open behavior note below], so please double-check the Build Options section for your app to make sure everything you want is selected.  
  • Branding bar: The branding bar is still optional, but you can now change the height. You can still upload a logo image, and a 1-pixel wide color to customize the background, but note that the background image determines the height, and the logo is centered vertically. 
  • Customizing Texts: You can still customize texts, but you will now do it by downloading a text file under Application Texts, making your changes, and re-uploading the file. You will have to re-enter any changes you had made from the default texts for the 4.0 upgrade.
  • Live and My Account windows: These can now be full screen between the branding bar and bottom main menu. You can still set the size and URL in live options (for Live) and Subscription API settings under Admin (for My Account)
  • Open behavior: You can now choose which space—Store, Library, My Account, Live or Help—the app opens into when the user starts it cold. Note that if they have been reading an issue, it will open back into that issue.
  • Help optional: You can now choose not to upload a dedicated Help issue, in which case the Help icon will not appear in the main menu. Also the Help issue can now be a multi-page MIB. (You can also re-name the Help icon and use that space to deliver a different embedded issue.)
  • Subscription icons: You can now upload custom images for your Subscription purchase in the store. Load the image under the Subscriptions tab. If no image is there, it will continue to use the current cover as the image.

Read this article for more on how to build and submit an app update

Note: 4.0 apps are compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 6.


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