Android - Creating an In-App Product for Subscriptions

In order to offer subscriptions to content in your Android app, you must create in-app products in the Android Developer Console. You connect in-app products to Subscriptions you create in the mag+ Publish portal. This article will show you how to create an in-app subscription in the Android Developer Console and how to connect it to a Subscription in the mag+ Publish portal.

Important Information

Subscriptions in Google Play work differently than subscriptions in the Apple and Amazon App Stores. When an end user buys a subscription in a Google Play app, they gain access to all previously published and newly published content associated with the subscription. When an end user cancels their subscription, they will lose access to all content associated with the subscription.

Before You Begin

How to Create an In-App Product for Subscriptions

1. Login to the Google Play Developer Console using your Google Account <‎>.

2. Click on the app you wish to add a subscription to.

4. In the screen that appears, click on "Monetize">> "Subscription"

5. Enter a unique Product ID, and continue with filling all the details.

6. Enter the subscription details.

Enter the subscription details that match what you are looking to offer.

Important Information

  • Name: mag+ recommends using a descriptive title such as "Financial Report Annual Subscription" or "MarketingWhiz Monthly Subscription."
  • Description: mag + recommends stating:
    • Readers will gain access to all previously published and newly published content as a part of the subscription.
    • How frequently you plan to distribute new issues (eg "New issues distributed monthly").
    • How frequently the reader's subscription will auto-renew (eg "Subscription will auto-renew on a monthly basis").
    • Readers will not retain access to any paid issues if they decide to cancel their subscription.
  • Billing Period: This indicates how frequently the user will be charged the default price. This charge automatically renews until the user cancels their subscription.
  • Free Trial Period: While optional, a free trial period is useful to give your readers a taste of the type of content you will provide.
  • Introductory price: Offer new subscribers a discounted price for a specific duration. Introductory price must be within the accepted price rangeand must cost less per day than the original price. Seeintroductory price restrictionsfor more information.
  • Grace Period: Give users time to resolve payment issues while keeping their subscription active

7. Click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

8. Click on the  "Activate."

Note: Your Google Play Subscription Product will become active shortly.

9. Now go to the subscription section and you are able to see the subscription details and copy the subscription product id.

10. Login to the mag+ Publish portal <> and associate the Subscription Product ID with a mag+ Subscription

Note: For more information, read the article "General - Adding and Managing In-App Subscriptions."

App Creation: Next Steps

There are additional steps to complete before you publish your app. You must create content to include within the app, customize the app's look and feel to match your brand, and then you must build your app and upload it to the Google Play Developer Console. For more information on these items, please look at the other articles in our knowledge base


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