Android - Creating an App in the Google Play Developer Console

There are several types of Android apps you can build with the mag+ platform. This article covers what kinds of apps the mag+ platform can build, along with instructions on creating an app in the Google Play Developer Console in order to receive a Google Play License Key. A license key prevents unauthorised distribution of your app and is also used to verify in-app billing purchases.

Before You Begin

Which Android App Do You Want to Build?

mag+ allows you to build the following types of apps:

  • Android smartphone-only apps
  • Android tablet-only apps
  • Android universal apps that can be installed on both smartphones and tablets

For more information on supported Android OS and device resolutions, please refer to the article "Reference - Device and Issue Compatibility."

Regardless of the device type, mag+ can also create several kinds of smartphone/tablet apps:

  • Single-Issue apps that are standalone and have their content embedded within them. They do not offer a store feature for purchasing or downloading additional content.
  • Multi-Issue apps that contain the ability to offer additional pieces of content or subscriptions to content. The additional content/subscriptions can be for sale, free, or contain a combination of both.

How to Create a Google Play App and Get a Google Play License Key

No matter what type of app you plan to create, you must get a Google Play License Key in order to connect it to your mag+ Publish portal account.

Think of your Google Play app as a placeholder. It provides information that you enter into the mag+ Publish portal to provide specific features. The mag+ Publish portal is the place where you upload your app's content, set customization options, and then finally build a branded app that you upload to the Google Play Developer Console. Once this is done, it is the Google Play Developer Console that publishes your app to the Google Play marketplace.

1. Log in to your Google Play Developer Console <> and click on "CREATE APP"

2. Set the default language, enter a app name and filled out other details (this can be changed later), and click on "CREATE"

4. Copy the License Key for this app.

5. Log in to the mag+ Publish portal <> and go to Apps > Android > Market Settings > Google Play.

6. Paste your License Key into the field labeled "Google Play license key" and click "Save."

App Creation: Next Steps

This License Key allows you to create Android apps in the mag+ Publish portal, but there are additional steps to complete before you publish your app. You must create content to include within the app, customize the app's look and feel to match your brand, and then you must build your app and upload it to the Google Play Developer Console. For more information on these items, please look at the other articles in our knowledge base.


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