iOS - Creating App IDs

An "App ID" is a unique identifier that iOS uses to allow your application to connect to the Apple Push Notification service, share keychain data between applications, and to communicate with external hardware accessories you wish to pair to your iOS application. In order to install your application on an iOS-based device, you will need to create an App ID.

Note: The App ID is different that the name of your app. You should not name your app with your App ID -- it would not be helpful or attractive to your customers.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have signed up for a developer account at the iOS Dev Center. There are two different programs available:

How to Create an App ID

1. To login into the iOS Developer Console

2. Select on "Certificates, Identifiers, & Profiles."

4. Click on the "+" button to create a new identifier.

5. Select "App IDs" and click on "Continue."

App ID Description

  • Name: Enter the name of your app.

App ID Suffix

  • Select "Explicit Bundle ID"
  • Bundle ID: Enter a reverse-domain name style string (i.e., com.yourcompanydomainname.appname), as Apple suggests.
Note: You cannot use a "Wildcard Bundle ID" with mag+.

App Services

  • Push Notifications (Optional): This is the only option you need to enable (if desired) on this screen. Check this box if you want to be able to send your users Push Notifications, which can inform your app of new, updated content, and allows you to send messages to users who have installed your app and have chosen to receive those notifications. You can add this function later, if desired. Push Notifications must be enabled if you plan to create a Newsstand app.
Note: Do not enable "Inter-App Audio."

6. Confirm your App settings and click on "Register."

7. Copy the Identifier (Bundle ID) and click "Done" when your registration is complete.

Note: Do not copy (explicit)

8. Login to the mag+ Publish portal  and go to Apps > iOS > App Store Settings.

9. Enter the information in the appropriate fields (as explained below).

App Store Settings

  • Application Bundle Name: This is the actual name of your app (it can be changed later). It will appear under the icon on a user's device. Note that while the name of your app can be a max of 255 characters (including spaces) only the first 11-13 will display before an ellipsis (...) appears. If you are concerned about the length of your app name, you should test your app locally before distributing it publicly. For more information on testing your app on local devices, refer to the articles in our knowledge base section: "Testing Your App."
  • Application Bundle ID: This is the App ID you created in the steps above.
Note: The Application Apple ID is a different ID automatically generated by Apple when you actually create an app entry in iTunes Connect. You do not need to enter this at this time. Entering this ID will be covered in the article "iOS - Adding a New App in iTunes Connect."

App Creation: Next Steps

Creating an App ID is only one step in creating an iOS app for distribution. Please refer to the additional articles in this section for information on setting up distribution certificates, provisioning profiles, and configuring in-app purchases. These items correspond to settings in the mag+ Publish portal. The portal will actually build your customized iOS app. You will then upload this app to the Apple App Store or to your own internal distribution servers (for enterprise customers only).


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