iOS - Creating Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps are special kinds of iOS apps that are not distributed through Apple's iTunes Store. They are distributed by you or your organization.

Note: Enterprise apps are only distributed to an internal audience (ie your sales or marketing staff).

Before You Begin

How to Create Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps are created very similarly to App Store apps. The main differences are in the certificates you create and the way the app is distributed.

You can read the iOS articles in our knowledge base section "Setting Up Distribution Channels" and follow them to set-up your enterprise app. Just keep in mind the following:

  • When creating a Distribution Certificate, you will choose "In-house and Ad Hoc" as the kind of certificate to create. You will still need to export the certificate as a .p12 file and upload it to the mag+ Publish portal under Apps > iOS > Certificate and Provisioning Files.
  • Instead of an App Store Distribution Provisioning Profile you will create an In-House Distribution Provisioning profile. You will upload this profile to the  mag+ Publish portal under Apps > iOS > Certificate and Provisioning Files.
  • When you build your app, you do not need to upload it to the iTunes App Store. The ".ipa" file is the enterprise app that you can distribute internally.

How to Distribute an Enterprise app

There are a variety of ways to distribute enterprise apps within companies. Some companies have servers that only their employees can access and upload the app there for download. Other companies invest in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to deliver their apps.

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