Hosting Issues Yourself

Unless you're creating a single-issue app, your issue files (the .mibs) will have to be hosted somewhere. None of the major markets will host in-app content, like issues. You can always use mag+ for hosting simply by uploading your issues in Publish—we use Amazon's robust S3 servers and Cloudfront distribution and charge $.17/GB delivered; we'll send you a bill every month.

But one of mag+'s unique features is that you can also host your issues yourself: on your own server, on your own Amazon account or anywhere else. Here's how.

Hosting on your own Amazon S3 account

The advantage to hosting yourself using your own Amazon S3 account, or "bucket," is that you only need to set it up once and then you can simply upload MIBs through Publish as you would if you were hosting with us. The MIBs simply go to your bucket instead of ours, and no bill from us.

  1. Go to the Admin tab in your Publish portal 
  2. Click on External Storage
  3. Here you will see four values from your Amazon account that need to be filled in. Also see the notes at the top of the page, regarding CORS configuration on AWS S3. Fill in these values and click Save.Screen_Shot_2018-11-29_at_5.57.39_pm-1.png

Note: If you have already uploaded MIBs to Mag+ hosting, you will need to re-upload them to your Amazon bucket via your Publish site or you could get downloading errors. Don't upload the same MIBs, but rather generate new MIBs out of the production tool so the version number on the GUID is different.  

Hosting on your own server

If you want to host issues yourself on a server other than Amazon S3:

  1. Click the Upload MIB file button for that issue
  2. Choose "Click on host on your own server."
  3. Now you'll see a place you can enter a URL path to that issue. Screen_Shot_2018-11-29_at_6.06.15_pm-1.png


  • That path must be direct. Any re-directs will cause the download to fail.
  • You can use HTTPS URLs. 
  • The server should support HTTP/1.1 with byte serving.
  • The server should set the "Accept-Ranges" header.
  • Be aware that these are large files being transferred, potentially all over the world. A server that cannot handle the traffic could cause slow or even failed downloads. Mag+ takes no responsibility for the capability of your server. 
  • There should be no spaces in your URL. If there are, replace these with "%20" before submitting to the Publish site.


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