Manually change the GUID of a MIB

The Brand ID and Issue ID are set in the mag+ Production tool and together they make up the GUID of the MIB, the Version number is automatically generated upon export of the MIB from the mag+ Production tool.



Sometimes it may be too much work to have the mag+ Production tool to auto generate the version number that you need of your MIB in order for it to be accepted by Publish. Below are instructions on how to change the GUID or version number of a MIB manually:

  1. Find the MIB file that you wish to edit the GUID or version number of.
  2. Remove the file extension ".mib" and enter ".zip" instead. If the system asks you if you wish to di this, click "yes" or "use .zip" depending on your OS.rename.png
  3. Double click on the file to unzip a folder named as your GUID and version number.
  4. Go into the folder and you should find a folder named "verticals" and an "issue.xml"- file. Open the "issue.xml" with a text editor.
  5. In the text editor you should see something similar to the screenshot below.


  6. Find the <issue-guid> tag and you will see your GUID and version number.


  7. Change the part of the GUID or the version number you wish to change. In the example below the version number was changed to "25" instead of "7". DO NOT CHANGE ANY OTHER DATA IN THE XML DOCUMENT.


  8. Save the file as "issue.xml" and make sure it replaces the old "issue.xml" file.
  9. Now select the "verticals", "issue.xml" file and the "" file, if there is one, and compress to a zip file.Screen_Shot_2012-09-12_at_13.28.24.png
  10. Rename the zip file your new guid,version number and change the extension to .mib. If the system asks you if you would to change the extension to .mib, click yes. This is now your mib file that you can upload in mag+ Publish.


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