How to Update an Issue

If you have uploaded a MIB but notice that something is wrong or just find something you want to change, you can always upload a new MIB by editing the issue in Publish, then click "Upload" underneath the MIB file.

In order for the update to work, the following steps have to be done and certain criteria met.

  • Create a new MIB using the same BrandID and Issue ID
  • The production tool will generate a new GUID that has a higher version number

For example: if the first issue you uploaded has the GUID brandID.issueID.3.mib, the new issue you upload has to have a GUID with identical BrandID and GUID but with a higher version number, that is 4 or more.

  • The new issue needs to have a GUID that is brandID.issueID.X.mib, where X is 4 or more.

If the number is the same or lower our system will assume that it is the same MIB being uploaded again and reject the upload. If the guid is different, it will assume you have made a mistake and are trying to update the wrong issue and therefore reject the upload. This also means that another issue can not have a MIB with the same guid as a MIB in another issue. So, if you are uploading a MIB to a new issue, make sure you have changed the issue id since the last issue so the guid is different. 

Note: MIB files for different devices can have different GUID-bases*, but if you are updating a MIB file for a specific device, this MIB needs to have the same GUID-base as the MIB uploaded previously for that device.

*GUID-base = brandID.issueID


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