iOS - Updating a Live App

Building and submitting an update to your iOS app is much easier than creating it for the first time. The following is a step-by-step guide to the process.

Important Information

If you are creating a new mag+ app to overwrite an existing app created in another platform, you normally cannot use a Push Notification to send a message to users of the older app. The Push Notification would only go to users of the new mag+ app. Your new app may, however, qualify for a Transfer, which does allow you to send a Push Notification to users of the old app. This would allow you to inform them of your update. For more information and eligibility requirements, read the Apple article "Transferring and Deleting Apps."

You cannot, unfortunately, use the "Transfer App" feature if your older app offered free subscriptions and your new app requires paid subscriptions.

How to Update Your iOS App in the Apple App Store

1. Log into your mag+ Publish account and click on the "Apps" tab.

2. Change your Build Options or Customizations as needed.

Each section of the Assets and Configuration area features a label indicating whether all the required information has been completed. If an area requires more configuration, or if a validity check fails, then the section will read "Incomplete" and you will not be allowed to create a new build.

3. Once all fields have a "Complete" label, you can click the "Generate New Build" button at the bottom of the screen.

Once all fields have a "Complete" label, you can click the "Generate New Build" button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Test your updated app before submitting it to Apple.

In the ".tgz" package is an "Adhoc_x.x.ipa" file you can drag to your iTunes application to install it on your iOS devices for testing. You can also read more about testing your app in the article "iOS - How to Install Your Test App."

6. Log into AppStore Connect and click on "My Apps."

7.  Click on the "+ VERSION OR PLATFORM" button to create a new version of your app.

8. In the window that appears, enter the new version number of your app and click on "Create."

Note: This version number is the version of your app displayed in the Apple Store. It is not the mag+ version number.

9. Review the metadata in the new version and make any changes to screenshots, description, etc.

Note: Any changes you make will only get published when the new version
goes live. Your current copy and metadata will remain the same until then.

10. Upload your new build using Transporter app.

Please refer to our Uploading build using a Transporter App article for reference.

The "AppStore_x.x.ipa" file to upload is located within the ".tgz" file you downloaded from the mag+ Publish portal.

Note: Do not submit the file labeled "dSYM", only the "AppStore_x.x.ipa".

11. When submitted, the build will go through a "Processing" stage to check for errors.

This status of your upload is visible in the "Testflight" tab on the App Summary page. When this stage is complete, you will be able to select the build as a new version of your app.

12. In the "Versions" tab, scroll to the "Build" section and click the "+" icon.

13. In the window that appears, select the latest build you want to submit and click "Done."

14. Now click on the "Save" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

This will save your build selection for the current version.

15. The "Submit for Review" button will then become active.

16. Click on "Submit for Review" and answer Apple's final questions about your app and then click on "Submit."


17. After a successful submission, your status will change to "Waiting for Review."

Note: At this point you cannot make any changes to the metadata until after the app is approved.

Updates take about as long to approve as new submissions, so you must wait for Apple to approve the submission. If you are updating your app to fix a critical bug, you can request an expedited review ,but use this only for emergencies.


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