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mag+ is a custom digital design solution, which means we offer InDesign templates for a number of different devices, allowing you to create pixel-perfect designs for any number of screens. However, in many cases, a MIB (mag+ Issue Bundle) created at one size can be read by another device with a different size screen. This article will walk you through those compatibilities.

It's important to note the difference between the mag+ iOS/Android/Kindle Fire app and mag+ Issues. The app is the container that sits on a device and presents an interactive user interface. mag+ Issues are content displayed by the mag+ app. mag+ Issues can be embedded within an app (known as Single-Issue apps) or can be served from the mag+ Publish portal.

Supported Devices

The mag+ platform supports iOS and Android devices, including Kindle Fire devices which are a subset of Android. The following devices are specifically supported:

Apple iOS

  • iPhone 5, 6, 6+.
  • iPhone X, XR,XS-Max.
  • iPhone 13 Mini, 13 Pro Max
  • iPad
  • iPad Retina
  • iPad Pro.
  • iPad 10.5 Pro.
  • iPad 11 Pro.
  • iPad Air
Note: mag+ no longer supports any iOS devices supporting iOS 11 or older.

Google Android

  • Android Tablets running Android OS 4.4 and higher
  • Android Smartphones running Android OS 4.4 and higher

Android Devices.

  • Android Phone 1184x720 MIB
  • Android Phone 1280x720 MIB
  • Android Phone 2220x1080 MIB
  • Android Phone 2960x1440 MIB
  • Android Tablet 1280x800 MIB
  • Android Tablet 2560x1600 MIB
Note: Android devices categorized as "small" (according to the manufacturer) are not supported. For more information, read the Android Developer article "Supporting Multiple Screens." Unfortunately, mag+ is unable to test its features on all of the thousands of Android devices available on the market, so exceptions to the above specs may apply. 

Amazon Kindle Fire

  • Fire 7 MIB(1024x600)
  • Fire HD 8 MIB (1280x800)
  • Fire HD 10 MIB (1920x1200)
  • Kindle Fire 2560x1600 MIB
Note: mag+ does not support Kindle Fire 1st generation. 

App Functionality

Both iOS and Android (which includes Amazon Fire) apps are resolution independent.

For iOS, that means that a single iPad app will render correctly on all versions of the iPad, including the iPad Mini. An iPhone app is different than an iPad app, as it presents a user interface that is optimized for a smaller screen, but a single iPhone app can run on an iPhone 5 and higher. You can choose to create separate iPhone and iPad apps or one universal app, which will present the correct UI on the correct device. 

For Android, the app scales as needed to run on all devices that are running Android OS 4.2 or higher, but you must use the 1280x800 InDesign template for tablets or the 1280x720 template for smartphones in order to have all your content scale appropriately. You can choose to create separate smartphone and tablet apps or one universal app, which will present the correct UI on the correct device. 

Note: mag+ will serve an existing iPhone 5 MIB to Android smartphones if there is no native Android smartphone MIB available.

When creating content for your apps, keep in mind that universal apps can serve different mag+ Issues to tablets and smartphones, but you may only serve one Subscription across all devices. If you would like to offer separate subscriptions to tablets and smartphones you must create separate apps.

mag+ Issues

Every Issue created in mag+ is built on an InDesign template that is sized to a particular resolution—a pixel height and width.

Screen sizes (in pixels) for different devices

Android Tablet 1280x800
Android Tablet 1600x2560
Android Low-Resolution Tablet 1024x600
Kindle Fire 1024x600
Kindle Fire HD 7" 1024x600
Kindle Fire HD 8" 1280x800
Kindle Fire HD 10" 1920x1200
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" 2560x1600
iPhone 5/5S/5C 1136x640
iPhone 6/7/8/6S/SE 1334x750
iPhone 6+/6S+/7+/8+ 1920x1080
iPhone X/Xs/11 Pro 2436x1125
iPhone XR 1792x828
iPhone 13 mini/iPhone 12 mini 2340x1080
iPhone Xs Max/11 Pro Max 2688x1242
iPhone 14/iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro 2532x1170
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation) 2048 x 2732
iPad Pro 10.5-inch 2224 x 1668
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) 1536 x 2048
iPad Pro 11-inch 1668 x 2388
iPad Retina 2048x1536
Android Smartphone 1280x720
Note: Since Apple's iOS 8 update, the 'Display Zoom' feature was introduced to provide two different screen display size options. This addition required us to change how we serve iPhone 6 and 6+ MIBs to devices when users have the 'Zoomed' display setting enabled. This setting alters the device's resolution from a true iPhone 6 (750x1334) down to an iPhone 5 (640 x 1136). If the display setting is set to Standard, the proper resolution is used which then allows you to properly serve an iPhone 6 or 6+ MIB respectively.
IMPORTANT: To accommodate all iPhone sizes we recommend uploading at least an iPhone 5 MIB to account for both Standard and Zoomed display modes.

You can serve a MIB to a device that doesn't match its resolution. It's just important to know the rules about how it will render: 

  • Android tablets: MIBs can scale to larger and smaller screens, but you must use specific-resolution templates. You can create one 1280x800 MIB to serve to all tablet devices. A 1280x720 MIB will cover all smartphones.  If the device screen is a different aspect ratio than the MIB, the MIB will letterbox to fill the unused space on the screen.
  • Apple iPads: MIBs will upscale on iPad Retina devices, so they will fill the screen, however they will not look as sharp as Retina MIBs because there are fewer pixels to fill the space. iPad Retina MIBs will downscale for non-Retina devices, but this is not recommended as the extra pixel information can cause performance issues.
  • Apple iPhones: iPhone 5 MIBs will render on the iPhone 5 and higher, but will appear centered with black bars at the top and bottom (letterboxed). iPhone 5 or higher MIBs will not be delivered to an iPhone 5.

When a device requests a MIB, Publish will look for one that matches the screen size. If there isn't one that is an exact match, it will look for another MIB it can serve, according to the table below. Publish will always try to send a smaller MIB to a larger device and not vice versa (with the exception that it will send a 1280x800 MIB to a 1024x600 device).

Note: If you are creating a MIB for iPhone you must provide, at a minimum, an iPhone 5 MIB since Apple still currently requires support for the iPhone 5.

Device resolutions and appropriate mag+ InDesign template

Device Acceptable mag+ InDesign Templates
iPad Retina 3/4/Air/Air 2/Mini 2/Mini 3 (2048x1536)

iPad Retina (2048x1536), iPad (1024x768)

iPad Pro (2732x2048) iPad Pro (2732x2048), iPad Retina (2048x1536), iPad (1024x768)
iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE (1136x640) iPhone 5 (1136x640), iPhone (960x640)
iPhone 7/6/6S/8 (1334x750) iPhone 6 (1334x750), iPhone 5 (1136x640), iPhone (960x640)
iPhone 6+/6S+/7+/8+ (1920x1080) iPhone 6+ (1920x1080), iPhone 6 (1334x750), iPhone 5 (1136x640), iPhone (960x640)
iPhone X/XS (2436x1125) iPhone X (2436x1125), iPhone 6+ (1920x1080, iPhone 6 (1334x750), iPhone 6+/6S+ (2208x1242), iPhone 5 (1136x640), iPhone (960x640)
iPhone XR (1792x828) iPhone XR template will be available soon, iPhone X (2436x1125), iPhone 6+ (2208x1242), iPhone 6 (1334x750), iPhone 5 (1136x640), iPhone (960x640)
iPhone XS Max (2688x1242) iPhone XS Max (2688x1242), iPhone X (2436x1125), iPhone 6+ (2208x1242), iPhone 6 (1334x750), iPhone 5 (1136x640), iPhone (960x640)
Kindle Fire (1024x600) Kindle Fire (1024x600), Android Tablet (1280x800)
Kindle Fire HD 7" (1024x600) Android Tablet (1280x800), Kindle Fire (1024x600), iPad (1024x768)
Kindle Fire HD 8" (1200x800) Android Tablet (1920x1200), Android Tablet (1280x800), Kindle Fire (1024x600), iPad (1024x768)
Kindle Fire HD 10" (1920x1200) Kindle Fire HDX 7" (1920x1200), Android Tablet (1280x800), Kindle Fire (1024x600), iPad (1024x768)
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" (2560x1600) Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" (2560x1600), Android Tablet (1920x1200), Android Tablet (1280x800), Kindle Fire (1024x600), iPad (1024x768)
Android Tablet (2560x1600) Android Tablet (2560x1600), Android Tablet (1920x1200), Android Tablet (1280x800), Kindle Fire (1024x600), iPad (1024x768)
Android Tablet (1280x800) Android Tablet (1280x800), Kindle Fire (1024x600), iPad (1024x768)
Android Low Resolution Tablet* Kindle Fire (1024x600), Android Tablet (1280x800)
Android Smartphone (1280x720) Android Smartphone (1280x720), Android Smartphone (1184x720), iPhone 5 (1136x640), iPhone (960x640)

* with longest edge < 1200
As more devices are released onto the market, we will add additional templates to support them. Currently you cannot create your own template or alter the existing templates to support different sizes. If there is a template size you need that's not currently available, let us know in the support forums.  

Finally, to learn about mag+'s ability to export content for multiple devices at once, read the article "How to Use Multi-Device Export for Multiple Devices". This feature lets you, quickly and easily, create as many specifically-sized MIBs as you like to support a wide range of devices. 


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