Android - Universal Apps: Creating Help MIB Files

When building an Android Universal app, you must upload two versions of your "Help MIB": one for Android tablets and another for Android smartphones. We recommend using the Android Tablet 1280x800 and Android Smartphone 1280x720 templates since they will scale to all devices.

Before you begin

  • Make sure you have the mag+ Production Tool installed on your computer.
  • Create two Help verticals in InDesign — one designed for Android smartphones and another designed for Android tablets and export them. For more information, refer to the articles in the section "Exporting from InDesign."
  • In the mag+ Publish portal, go to Apps > Android > Build Settings and make sure the Device Option is set to "Universal."

How to Export Android Help MIBs from the mag+ Production Tool

The Brand ID and Issue ID are set in the mag+ Production Tool and together they make up the GUID of the MIB, the version number is automatically generated upon export of the MIB from the Mag+ Production Tool.

Below is an example of what your MIB file name structure looks like:

How to Export Android Help MIBs from the Mag+ Production Tool

1. Assemble your first Android Help Issue in the mag+ Production Tool.

Assemble your first Android Help Issue in the Mag+ Production Tool.

2. Set the Brand and Issue ID to your desired settings.

3. Be sure to make note of the Filename.

4. Click on the Create MIB button.

5. Find the exported MIB and place it in a folder according to the device that it will serve.

6. You can then assemble your second Android Help Issue for a different device and change the Issue Settings to match your first Help Issue.

Note: You can double-click on the Filename (GUID) field to make it editable if you need to change the version number. The version number cannot be the same for both Tablet and Smartphone MIB files, but typically this number will increment automatically.

7. Click the Create MIB button to export your second Help Issue.

8. Find the exported MIB and place it in another folder labeled for the device it will serve.

9. Go to the mag+ Publish portal > Apps > Android > Assets and Configuration > Upload Help MIB file.

You can then upload your MIBs according to the devices they will serve. When you are done, the Android tab will list "Complete" next to the Upload Help MIB file button.


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