Analytics - Using Omniture/Adobe Marketing Cloud

Omniture SiteCatalyst is one of the mag+ analytics options. To use Omniture you must have a paid account with them.

Important Information about Omniture

  • As of mag+ v4.0, we only support Omniture SiteCatalyst 15.
  • As of mag+ v4.04, we support offline tracking, but it must be enabled both within your Omniture report suite as well as in the mag+ Publish portal under Apps > Analytics Configuration — there you will see a checkbox for offline reporting. Only check this box if you have enabled time-stamping in your SiteCatalyst. If these settings don't match, you won't see any reporting. Time-stamping requires contacting your Omniture representative.
  • As of mag+ v4.13.7, we support Omniture in Android or Kindle Fire apps.

How to Set-up Omniture Analytics in Your App

1. Visit to set up an account.

Note: Omniture has now become the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

2. Make note of the Report Suite ID in Omniture, this is the app key you enter in the mag+ Publish portal.

Note: You can find the Report Suite ID in the Omniture SiteCatalyst Admin Consoles.

3. In the mag+ Publish portal, click on the "Apps" tab.

4. Under the iOS or Android tabs, click on "Analytics Configuration".

5. Select "Omniture" from the Analytics Type drop-down menu and enter the Analytics Key.

6. Click on "Save" to save your settings.

7. Under Apps > Live Settings, enter your Omniture Tracking Server provided by Omniture.

8. Click "Save" to save your changes.

9. Go to Build Options > Third Party Integrations and click the box next to "Omniture".

10. Click on "Save" to save your settings.

Note: You must rebuild your app and submit it to your app marketplace in order to begin receiving data.

11. Login to your Omniture account to see the incoming data.

Note: You will not see data in your dashboard until your app is made live.

Data Available from Omniture

When logged in to your Omniture account, you can choose your app's report suite and see a variety of options along the left side of the screen. Omniture is still primarily a website tracking tool, so many of the options in the menu are not used here. The ones to focus on for mag+ analytics are: Site Metrics, Site Content, Paths and Visitor Retention. 

Site Metrics

The following information is available:

  • Page Views (click the Selected Page link at the top to choose a particular page)
  • Visits
  • Visitors (unique by various time periods)
  • Time Spent per Visit metric is not used here - that can be tracked below.

Site Content

This area gathers a lot of information about a particular page or Issue. Pages shows individual Verticals; Site Sections shows issues.

  • To determine what stats you see per Issue or per page, click the Selected Metrics link at the top. Here you can get the following information by Issue or Vertical:
    • Time spent
    • Views
    • Visitors
  • To track links, choose Links > Custom links, and you will see the number of times any given Hotspot was tapped, whether a Popup, Web Link, Jump link or Media Hotspot. To use these metrics, name the hotspots in your app descriptively.


Used on pages, this metric gives you a way to see how readers are moving through your Issues.

Visitor Retention

Show repeated use of your app, including:

  • Return frequency
  • Return visitors
  • Daily return visits
  • Loyalty information
Note: You can set up very powerful custom dashboards and reports out of Omniture, so you can easily get the metrics you need.  


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