Build your Kindle Fire app - Step by Step


This step-by-step guide is for those of you that want to build a Kindle Fire app. If you follow this list you will have your app submitted to the Amazon developer site for review within an hour. Just follow the links to each article and complete the steps.

  1. Contact in order to setup up your mag+ Publish account if you haven't done that yet.
  2. Setup your Amazon Developer Account.
  3. Setup your app in your Amazon Developer portal. Read article.
  4. Create your Keystore file. Read article.
  5. Build your app in mag+ Publish. Read article. - Do not disable the store if you are going to have paid issues in the app. 
  6. Publish your issue for Kindle Fire. Read article. - If the issue you are publishing is going to be paid, leave the Amazon Market Product ID empty as we are going to create this ID later.
  7. If you are planning to publish paid issues or offer subscriptions in your app. Read this article.
  8. Install and test the app on your device. Read article.
  9. The submission process to Amazon market is pretty straight forward. Go to Amazon developer account and click on "My Apps", then click on your app, click the Binary File(s) tab and upload the apk file that was created in step 5.
Unlike Apple, Amazon does not give an exact time frame for review. On average, we've found that it takes at least a few days, but can take up to a few weeks. Because of this, be sure to submit your app well in advance of your desired live date. For more information on Amazon's review process, check out the link below:


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