Analytics: Track votes in Flurry

Only applicable on iOS.

If you wish to create for example a like and dislike button on a vertical it is possible using a web link and Flurry.

Any links in HTML that have the following syntax will be logged via analytics. The number of custom events is limited to 256 in Flurry and others, so it's important that unique event names are used sparingly.


This will get logged to Flurry under the event: EVENT_KEY
with the parameters of key1: value1, key2: value2

While it isn't robust or foolproof, it should allow some rudimentary poll tracking for instance, it can be used for for example a like and dislike button. It will take some time to get the information out of Flurry or Localytics, into something usable, but it will be possible from version 3.2 onward. There is no way to report anything back to the app, but it will record any events offline and report them later when the app is online.


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