iOS - How to Install a Test App on an iOS Device

Before submitting your app to App Store, we highly recommended you to test your app on your own device.

When you build your app in Mag+ Publish you will get two binaries: one that is sent to Apple for review and one for testing. The latter has the suffix _AdHoc. In order to install this test binary on your iPad or iPhone you will have to register your iPad’s UDID in the iOS Provisioning Portal (read here for the steps needed to do this).

  • Go to and click the Apps tab in Publish
  • If you have not generated a build yet, click "Generate new build".
  • It will take a while for the build to finish but within 5 minutes there should be one available listed under Builds" in the APPS section

There are two ways of installing the app on your iPad or iPhone: 

  • Next to the latest build, click "Send E-mail" to send an installable link to your iPad or iPhone. Open the mail on your iPad and copy the entire link (even if the entire thing hasn't been automatically auto-linked by your email provider). Open the Safari app, paste the link in a fresh page (tap the "+" sign to create a new, unused page), and tap "Go".


  • Click on the latest build listed under APPS to download it to your computer. Double-click downloaded file to unpack it, the identify the AdHoc -ipa file in the unpacked folder. Drag that file to your iTunes Library, connect your device and sync your device.

Now the app is installed on your iPad. If you want to be able to view unpublished or paid issues in your app on your device, follow these instructions:

  • With the test app installed on your iPad or iPhone. Go to your "Settings" on the device.
  • Scroll down to find your app listed in the left column. Tap on it to view the info for your app.
  • Note the Mag+ Token, note the token (or copy and paste it in an email to send to your computer).
  • Go to your app on Mag+ Publish, click on the DEVICES tab.
  • Enter the Mag+ Token under "Device Identifier or Mag+ Token" and enter your name or email under "Owner", click "Save"
  • Restart the app on your device and the unpublished issue will be able to download in your app's library.

    Note! The Mag+ token is unique for every app build. This means that if you rebuild your app and install it on your device you will need enter the new Mag+ token under the DEVICES tab.


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