Introduction to the mag+ Publish Portal

The mag+ Publish Portal ( is where you create your branded mag+ app for various mobile devices. It allows you to do the following functions:

  • Upload and administrate mag+ Issues for delivery to your branded app
  • Customize and build apps with the features you want for the major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire)
  • Create and administrate Subscriptions that users can sign up for to receive content
  • Send notifications to end users of your mobile app
  • Add Test Devices to your account so that you can preview content before making it live
  • Set-up additional administrators for your account

You can use the other mag+ Tools (such as the InDesign Plugin and Production Tool) for free until you are ready to build your custom app. Once you are ready to build your app, you use the mag+ Publish Portal to upload your content and customize the features you need. mag+ Publish will then produce an app build that you can upload to a device marketplace (such as iTunes, Google Play, or the Amazon App Store).

How to Gain Access to the mag+ Publish Portal


1. Visit to purchase a mag+ License and activate your mag+ Publish portal account.

Access to the mag+ Publish portal is tied to a paid license. You'll be able to login once you've purchased a license.

2. Go to <> enter the username and password assigned to you.

Once you login, you will be presented with the mag+ Publish Portal interface for your brand.

3. Refer to the rest of the articles in this section to learn how to add features and build your apps.

The articles in "Creating & Managing Your App" cover a variety of topics that will teach you what options are available and how to configure them for your apps.

Note: It's best to have your developer accounts already in place for the different marketplaces before you try to create your app. Information from those marketplaces is needed in order to complete your app's configuration. Once your app is configured properly, the mag+ Publish Portal will allow you to build an app that can be uploaded to the marketplace's store.

Refer to the section "Setting Up Distribution Channels" for detailed instructions on what you need to do in the different app marketplaces.


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