Subscription troubleshooting for your readers

This troubleshooting only applies for subscriptions/issues that has been bought inside the app or in iTunes.

It does not apply for subscriptions that has been bought directly from the publisher using our Subscription API. We haven't made any troubleshooting for these cases as the systems vary for each publisher. If you are an end-client and are having problems with your subscription, please contact the publisher's own support line.

How to purchase a subscription in an app:

If you have already purchased a subscription, do not follow these steps. Scroll down to "Troubleshooting"

1. Start the app on your iPad. If you are not taken directly to the store, tap the screen once to bring up the top bar menu, then tap "Store"


2. Tap on the subscription you wish to purchase in the Store


 3. Read the dialog and make sure the info is right concerning the price and duration, tap "Confirm"


4. Now you should be automatically taken to the Library where all your purchased issues are stored. If not, tap "Library" in the top bar menu.


5. The latest published paid issue should now be available to download in the library. Tap "Download" next to the issue to start downloading the issue. When the issue is downloaded and ready you will be notified.


I am not able to find the issues I have bought in the library

If you know that you have bought an issue before but it is not showing in the "Library", don't try to buy it in the Store again.

Tap "Library" in the top menu bar, then tap "Missing Issues" or "Restore All" and enter your Apple ID credentials to access your issues. When restore has been made your issues should be available to download in the Library.


I'm getting "Regrant Failed" when I am trying to restore my purchases

This message is in most cases shown when the Apple ID entered when trying to restore isn't the same as the Apple ID that was used to download the app from AppStore.

- Delete the app from your iPad

- Go into your iPad Settings. Tap "Store" and log in with the Apple ID that bought the subscription.

- Download the app

- Start the app and try restore all again.

Another problem could be that you have changed your Apple ID email address, this is not registered by Apple for in-app purchases.

So, if you bought the subscription using the old email address you will have to sign in to the store using that email address in order for your subscription to work.



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