Troubleshooting - Single-Issue App Crash Upon Start

If your Single-Issue app starts, shows the splash image, and then crashes, it may be due to missing content. This article provides information on how to resolve the problem.

Note: If the problem is not resolved by following the instructions below, please submit a support ticket.

iOS - How to Fix a Single-Issue App That Crashes Due to an Unpublished Issue

1. Login to the Mag+ Publish portal <> and click on the Issues tab.

2. Under "Unpublished," click on the title of the Issue.

3. Click on the "Publish Now" button.

4. Restart your app and it should now start to download the Issue.

Note: Always make sure that your Issue is published before sending it in for review with Apple, otherwise the app will be rejected. 

Android - How to Fix a Single-Issue App That Crashes Due to Missing Content

Android Single-Issue apps work differently than iOS Single-Issue apps due to how the different platforms handle content for single-issues. Android uses an "Expansion File" format to literally embed the content into the single-issue app. To embed your content into an Android Single-Issue app, please read the following support article:

You will need to make sure you have uploaded your MIB into the APK when you submitted it to the Google Play Store.


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